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House Crest for IHOR

The Illuminati House of Ra ( is an authority ranking Leather Family based out of the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia). IHOR is headed by Master Eli Ra (a Navy Veteran), lieutenant commanded by His slave Olokun Ra, and consists of ten under ranking members. IHOR is a high protocol house focused on education and empowerment throughout the community and the area within which its members reside. IHOR was established to incorporate many facets of people with many identities, sexual orientations, and titles in the community yet keeps the focus on embracing those seeking the knowledge of kink through protocol. Together, they have created the #IHOR GIVES BACK Project, a community outreach venture that provides significant contributions to the LGBTQIA people experiencing homelessness on the East coast, centered in the DMV area. IHOR embodies a principle system based on four pillars of strength; to Illuminate, Involve, Inspire, and Innovate. IHOR requires its members to Master T/their kinks to the point of education of them, to do community service work, as well as to stand on the “dime” that makes them unique, empowered, and of the greatest possible service to the IHOR family and the BDSM/Leather Community. As of 2020, IHOR joined Leather Houses of Color Coalition, whose mission is to serve the Leather Community as an example of unity and purpose among established and aspiring Leather Houses of Color, and to provide educational, professional, and social opportunities for those choosing to follow such lifestyles. The IHOR colors include Fuchsia, Black, and White.

Members of IHOR include, in ranking order, Master Eli Ra (HOH), slave Olokun Ra (Lt. Commander), boy Mut Ra (Lt.), boy Oba Ra (Lt. Jr. Grade), boy Agni Ra (Ensign), Beta Tu Ra (Petty Officer First Class), boy Peacock and Baby Boy Ra (Petty Officers Second Class), Pup Eyal (Petty Officer Third Class), Lady Kim and boy Purnell (Seaman), and boy Ferret (Seaman Apprentice).

Master Eli Ra, and HOH of IHOR, holds the titles of Mr. Maryland Leather 2016 and Mid-Atlantic Pup Handler 2018/19 and is a Mid- Atlantic Onyx member. He trained under, and was covered by Sir Nagrom of Baltimore. Through IHOR, Master Ra offers classes in many subjects to include BDSM dynamics, consent and negotiation, medical play, cigar play, impact play, fisting, leather and rope bondage, both at events and on his Pillow Talk, that is aired on both Facebook and YouTube. Master Ra has led his family members to establish Leatherboys of Color and Leathergirls of Color, which are accessible on a variety of social media platforms and are aiming to expand their reach nationwide. Master Ra is secretary within LHOCC, Leather Houses of Color Coalition (pronounced “lock” He holds a position on the board of NCSF, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ( which is a nonprofit membership organization that advocates for consenting adults in the kink and non-monogamy lifestyles by fighting discrimination and persecution through direct services. Master Ra has been in the BDSM and Leather community for more than a decade, and has attended and taught at events all across the United States such as Dark Odyssey, CLAW, BBM, and ONYX Blackout. He has made his mark (so to speak) in the community and is honored to hold the roles of Master, Sir, Daddy, Handler, and Mentor, for people such as the 2017 Mr. Maryland Leather and the Current 2020 Mr. Maryland Leather. It is certain, through Master Ra’s careful and thorough mentorship and guidance, that he will empower more leather persons to become people of note in the community.