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House crest for House of NOIR

NOIR is a militaristically structured, socially radical, Woman-led, Black, Queer, bicoastal Leather house.

It is the mission of House of NOIR to:
*Support the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial well being of its members,
*Encompass members’ traditional and non-traditional lives in a holistic manner
*Be of maximum service in the communities we inhabit, and
*Actively engage in the social justice challenges of our time.

House Crest
The black fist is for the body, commitment to social justice, and unapologetic centering of Blackness.
The heart is for the love the house encompasses: eros, philos, and agape.
The cross is for faith, specifically liberation and womanist theology, as well as Leather as a spiritual practice.

House Core Principles
*Social Justice

Credo of our Lifestyle
Personally Responsible Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK)

House Structure
NOIR employs a militaristic hierarchical structure based on United States Army officer rankings. The HOH holds the most senior position of General; Alpha Jess is Lieutenant General, Beta Elyse is Major General, and Mx. T is Brigadier General. Member rankings and associated titles are based on time in the House, and their duties are based on their role and personal skill sets.