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The Heads of Household, Pharaoh Khaf-Ra, and Empress Nahara, bring a wealth of experience and a long-standing record of service within the Leather and Kink communities. Empress is a founding sister of the Onyx Pearls organization and is currently serving as a liaison to the Men of Onyx National Council, while Pharaoh and Empress were co-organizers of Black BEAT Atlanta. Pharaoh is an accomplished, national best-selling author. His catalog includes the popular Nubian Underworld series, the Kink, P.I. series, along with standalone best-seller, In Service to the Senator, which has garnered the attention of various CNN correspondents on social media.

As a part of their service to the BDSM and Kink communities, House Kemi-Nesew has been sponsors, presenters, and general attendees at numerous conferences across the US. In addition to the traditional Onyx Pearls Southeast First Friday Bar Nights at the Atlanta Eagle and renewed membership in MAsT Marietta (GA), future plans are in the works for the official launch of a SIG (Special Interest Group) munch in the coming months.

About House Kemi-Nesew

The meaning of the name is simply put, “Nubian Royalty,” in Egyptian translation. The House is a Dominant Couple-led, Leather Polyamorous D/s House, led by Pharaoh Khaf-Ra and Empress Nahara. The core principles of the House are Integrity, Discipline, Honor, Respect, Trust, and Obedience. The House is located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, and was established by Pharaoh and Empress in 2002.

The meaning of the House Crest

The Anubis (jackal) and Bastet (cat) represent the heads of the House, explicitly placed side by side at the top of the hierarchy, symbolic of the Dominant Couple-led ideal: One does not rule over the other, the two rule as one. The wings of Isis, along with the Egyptian ankh, preside over Anubis and Bastet, providing protection and divine guidance to the Heads of Household. This adaptation is similar to the Falcon God, Horus, whose outstretched wings were emblematic of the protection of Egypt, and by extension, the pharaohs who ruled Her lands.

Core Principles

Integrity, Discipline, Honor, Respect, Trust, Obedience