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La Maison deRou is a hybrid authority transfer dynamic rooted in military structure and protocol and also the hierarchy and norms of a primal pack. Founded in 2008, it is led by Master Mason deRou as commandant, and Miss Kimi deRou is the châtelaine, or second-in-command. The vision of La Maison is “Protecting the Pack, Learning More and Looking Ahead.” La Maison is noted for their distinctive military-style uniforms and decorations in deference to, and as a symbol of, the military background of its founding members.

Intégrité, Service et Discipline.

Black, gray (or silver) and red.

Black represents the night when we gather and celebrate. Red represents our primal nature and the blood we willingly sacrifice for our common good and for our self-care. The grey wolf represents the purgatory in which one finds themselves when transitioning from human in the light of the world to rougarou in the black of night and back. The eyes represent our collective vision, even in darkness.

In addition to LHOCC, La Maison is a part of La Meute de Rougaroux, a separate social organization consisting currently of two packs who are allied in purpose and vision. Members of La Maison have presented for several groups and events in the Washington, DC area as well as in Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.


Master Mason deRou is a primal Master who began his walk into the public kink scene in 2009. He has dominion over Miss Kimi deRou and together they form La Maison deRou. Mason is also the commander of La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack). He is a uniform fetishist, pony trainer, erotic photographer, and also loves the littles! Mason leverages his relative youth to build bridges among several kinky tribes and subcultures, allowing the voices of both past and current generations of kinksters to be heard. Mason has presented at BESS, Black Rose, CLUE, Weekend Reunion, and several MAsT chapters. He is a member of MAsT DC Pan and MAsT Washington and is also an alumnus of the MTTA Academy (Master Training XX).

Miss Kimi deRou is a femme servant with dominant tendencies and a menagerie of primals. She fully embraces her littles (all three of them!) and advocates for awareness and acceptance of littles as 2013’s Little Miss Littles Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire. She is in service to Master Mason deRou and serves as the Alpha Submissive of La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack). In addition to engaging in her favorite form of bondage (corsets), Kimi is also a uniform fetishist and among her many identities is human pony. Kimi has presented at BESS, Black Rose, Tiny Terrors and Weekend Reunion.