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The House of Trei crest represents our philosophy of Body, Mind and Spirit practiced within a 24/7 Lifestyle.

House colors are symbolic of the Leather Pride flag. The meaning of the colors for TREI embrace the individualist scope envisioned by its designer. Each shape represents a core Principle or Directive privy to members. 

The number “1” symbolizes the MIND as the first step in surrender; an individual’s mental state, also known as the individual mind or one’s personal will. The desire to enter a power exchange is executed here. The decision to surrender or dominate in a M/s Total Power Exchange (TPE) or D/s Dynamic is an external manifestation of internal will power. 

The Handcuffs represent the BODY. The body and its six senses clamor with the constant need for satisfaction. Harnessing based on a variety of strategies is a way to subdue and contain the entity for play or power exchanges. 

The Heart within the cuffs is the variety of love, from Eros to Agape, practiced by House of Trei Members. The differing relationships among members allow for a variety of connections to evolve within the House, our families and extended family units, and the community at large.

The Cross is the most widely recognized symbol for the SPIRIT. In the House of Trei, spirit based living acknowledges a Higher Power, a Universal Spirit, and strives to fulfill the highest calling: SERVICE that is reciprocal. O/our service philosophy covers personal to altruistic spectrums.

House Mission Statement
TREI’s mission is to sustain the body, mind, and spirit of real real-time lifestylers with real world faith: personally, professionally, and sexually by balancing the spectrum of their traditional and non-traditional lives in a healthy manner.

House Colors
The same as the Leather Pride Flag: Royal Blue, Black, and White

House Core Principles
Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Balance & Service.

Credo of our Lifestyle
Personally Responsible Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK)