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Nia – Pronounced “nee-yah” and defined as “Purpose”

House Purpose
The House of Nia is our footprint in the BDSM landscape. We seek to increase the strength of the collective by empowering the individual. We stand shoulder to shoulder, hide to hide with our fellow Leather-Folk regardless of indication, sexual orientation, or gender. We seek to actively embody those attributes that some would label “traditional” Leather values and others- simply best human practices. Courage, honor, respect, transparency, integrity and authenticity.

About the House
Christian, yet we abstain from the judgement of others. It is not permitted within our religious belief system to usurp the duty of our creator. Students first, for only those with the intense desire to learn may teach. We equally support the many fine people, organizations, works and efforts of others in the Leather and BDSM communities in both their right to exist and their right to carve out their own safe space. We do not exalt our personal identifier upon anyone else.

We are Protocol based and truly demanding. We expect self discipline, exhibited by respectful speech, i.e. formal greetings, and respectful interactions in both online activities and community activities from those of the House of Nia. Sowing seeds of discord either within or outside the House will NOT be tolerated and upon review corrective measures will be taken. Gossip violates our personal Honor Code and thus is not tolerated.

House Colors
The same as the Leather Pride Flag: Royal Blue, Black, and White

We are interested in furthering our connection with the local kink community and establishing links nationally. Cementing gaps between segments of our vast BDSM community through fellowship is an aim. Remaining receptive to learning all ways to further our journey both in the M/s community and in Leather. We learn that we might teach. We seek refinement of our skill-sets that we might be an example to those seeking answers. We utilize those skill-sets to uplift those we encounter in the community, dungeon and most importantly our homes. That is Nia.

Our Idea of Servitude
Submission can be simply a desire to be controlled- to serve, stand, lay, please or give pleasure upon request. Submitting may be focused on one Dominant or as many outlets as they elect, fully influenced and molded by the innate desires of the submissive. Whether within a dynamic, in service to a House, or community organization – the submissive should be driven by their need to submit, and little else.

A slave however, desires only to be whatever their Master requires, whenever they require it, and nothing more. They exercise the highest form of discipline in emptying themselves of all internal motivations and desires- to become like clay- devoid of form, and ready to be crafted into that which serves the Master. In a word, surrender. Their only goal is utility and exhibiting the highest form of altruism. The highest of heights is attained through the receipt of praise from the Master, and attention from others is rebuked as so much unnecessary banter. One thousand compliments will fail in comparison to a whispered “good girl” in her ear. They become the blank canvas upon which a Master may recreate a Masterpiece time and time again.

As a House, we have NO need for your LUST nor LOVE, THAT IS FOR LOVERS. I am Master and Husband to my collared slave. We are a monogamous reflection in a clear mirror. Those seeking to share in our purpose need know there is no path towards polyamory but towards family. Our bonds are of vision and Leather, not play and sweat. Service and surrender, not sex and conquest. We require respect, obedience, and service (from both sides of the slash) nothing more. That is NIA, that is purpose. There is no room for variation. One purpose, one family, one direction, and one chance.

House Members
Master Seykou and slave luna