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Nia – Pronounced “nee-yah” and defined as “Purpose”


House Purpose
The House of Nia is our footprint in the BDSM landscape. We seek to increase the strength of the collective by empowering the individual. We stand shoulder to shoulder, hide to hide with our fellow Leather-Folk regardless of indication, sexual orientation, or gender. We seek to actively embody those attributes that some would label “traditional” Leather values and others- simply best human practices. Courage, honor, respect, transparency, integrity and authenticity.

About the House

The House of Nia is a 24/7 M/s protocol-based Leather household headed by Master Seykou Nia and is currently based outside of Denver, Colorado.

House Colors

The same as the Leather Pride Flag: Royal Blue, Black, and White

House Mission

To be the mental, emotional, spiritual home and/or resource to those who seek to embody their Nia (purpose) as a life’s work both within and outside the BDSM/Leather culture.

To birth an expansive, pervasive, perverse,  multi-generational Leather House composed of lifetime family, mentors,  mentees and associates.

To ensure our Leather path is honored historically, lived authentically and permeates perpetually in the BDSM landscape.

To house a physical communal living space where members and invitees may fellowship, live and love freely in accordance with their most authentic expressions.

House Members

Master Seykou Nia, Head of Household

slave nikki Nia, alpha & majordomo

slave little onyx