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The House of Blue (HoB), based out of southern Maryland, is comprised of a Leather family that falls under the MDHLfs relationship model. Headed by senior Master Mister‐Blue (an Army veteran) and BlueFrost (his slave/wife and mistress of the House) the HoB employs a myriad of military principles closely aligned with Leather values as its base for operations. Respect, Honor, Integrity, Duty, Selfless Service, Loyalty, and Personal Courage are the Army’s core values of LDRSHIP which the HoB follows as they serve the Leather community near and far. As the House motto is “Trust, Respect and Obedience”, the HoB requires nothing less than excellence in their service to self and community as they continue to remain a shining example alongside their peers. Members of the House of Blue can often be found out and about in the community speaking at conferences and other gatherings.

House Mission Statement 
To live our authentic selves as it relates to the Leather Lifestyle as well as enjoy the many aspects of Kink and BDSM

House Colors
Similar, and in homage to, the Leather Pride Flag: Royal Blue, Black, and White

House Core Principles
Respect, Trust, and Obedience


Mister Blue, along with his slave BlueFrost, is the 2018 International Master/slave title holder and the 2017 Master/slave title holder for the Northeast region of the United States. He is also the senior Master of the House of Blue based in Southern Maryland, Ombudsman and Coalition Partner for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (, Board member of MTTA which produces the Master slave Conference and MTTA Academy in Washington, DC (, and Board member of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC – pronounced “lock”

He has been publicly active in the BDSM Lifestyle for more than a decade. For many years he has taken on various roles and responsibilities in the community as a Mentor, Presenter, and otherwise genuine source of knowledge in the way he has navigated through Kink, Leather, and BDSM.

As an associate member of a larger collective of Leather families, he has been mentored and raised in Leather by both Masters and Mistresses alike. Having these sources of invaluable and often historical information has allowed him to successfully mentor other Leather Masters and Dominants and pass along this knowledge to the next generation of leaders. As a part of his commitment to educate himself and others, he has spoken about the relationship aspect of the Master/slave model at national conferences and Leather events, local munches and special interest groups.

BlueFrost, devoted slave and wife to Mister-Blue, is the 2018 International slave title holder and the 2017 NorthEast slave title holder, co-founder and co-visionary of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC – pronounced “lock” and the Mistress of the House of Blue, a Het Male Dominant led Leather family based in Southern Maryland.

She is seasoned with years of experience in kink and BDSM and has many ties throughout the community. As an associate member of a larger group of Leather families, she is known by many as a friend, lifestyle coach, mentor, and sister. Mentored by elders in her local community, she strives to not only carry the torch to light the path for others, but to also brighten her own personal path to excellence in service.

She is a familiar face in the public at large as she enjoys sharing lifestyle experiences and information with other slaves and submissives. When time permits, she speaks at national conferences, special interest groups and local munches in an effort to help further educate herself and her peers.