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In a world of instant gratification coupled with high emotion, I find using a cooling-off period is a great tool.

The first way it’s used in TREI is on-boarding new Petitioners. After the initial interview and negotiations, a 24-72 hour period is used. It helps to offset the honeymoon, starry-eyed state we call New Relationship Energy (NRE).

In longer contracts, the cooling-off period may be up to a week. The goal is for both parties to have space outside of the influence of the Power Exchange to perform an evaluation of the relationship.

Finally, in cases of turmoil, relationship bullshit, hasty exits, cheating, relapses & the barrage of challenges we Houses face, even then, a cooling-off is used to develop the modification of the exit strategy.

On at least one occasion, after the period, the member…remained.

Today I’m toasting any tool that helps U/us stay together…for the better, as POC led…Leather.

Love & Leather,


Cooling-Off Period Definition