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In our final presentation at an event, we recently attended, babygirl and I shared some of the challenges that we’d been dealing with during the first quarter of 2019. Initially, it was our intent to share a little bit of our lives as a show of transparency, as well as to show those that followed us during our title period that we had (and have) challenges and that we are imperfectly human, too. What happened next was totally unexpected, but right on time.

The subject of the presentation was how to protect yourself and those you may be in a relationship with from negative energy and other forces that stress the relationship foundation; including the impending loss of a partner due to death. As such, when an elder in our local community was passed the mic, nearly the entire room was brought to tears with the message that was shared in reference to the subject.

The person mentioned how they’d been preparing their spouse\slave of nearly 25 years for their death. They’d sent the slave to school to help them get ahead in their field of work and also set the slave up to be financially secure should the elder pass before the spouse.

It was a sobering moment.

It was a reminder that we all have a finite amount of time on earth.

But above all else, it was a reminder that the responsibility and duties of a Master go far beyond the word Ownership.

I’m not asking anyone to share what they’ve done to prepare for their partner’s future, but I am asking you to think about it. It’s the least you can do if you’re wearing the moniker of Master or Owner.

In Leather,

HOH – House of Blue