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For a Head of household (HOH), the establishment of a clearly defined Vision statement can be the simplest task most often forgotten. It’s easy in our numerous duties of managing both our lives and the lives of others, to overlook what could be a defining step in your House’s development and progression. Many rush headlong into the “doing”, forgetting to outline the plan of what you’re actually attempting to accomplish. In doing so it may become increasingly difficult to measure your accomplishments because your goal was never clearly defined. Duncan Haughey identified one concept I utilize to create my vision – the creation of S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

The break down is as follows:
Specific: Well defined. Clear to anyone that has a basic knowledge of the project.
Measurable: Know if the goal is obtainable and how far away completion is. Find out when you have achieved your goal.
Agreed Upon: Agreement with all the stakeholders what the goals should be.
Realistic: Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time.
Time-Based: Enough time has been allotted to achieve the goal. Not too much time, which can affect project performance.

Utilizing this concept to shape the movement of your House and its members can provide clarity and measurable activity from my experience.  

Specific objectives become personal tasks. 

Personal tasks have measurable deliverables. 
Said deliverables (clearly defined when assigned) provide measurable outcomes.
Those measurable outcomes are allocated and accepted by each party -which includes you as (HOH) reviewing them. 
Having things planned out step-by-step makes them task to parties involved, and setting a time allows assessing movement towards the ultimate goal. A question begs asked, “Are your goals S.M.A.R.T.?” If so, have you taken the time to incorporate those S.M.A.R.T. goals into a long-term plan of action? If so, have you empowered that plan of action by announcing it as your Vision statement?  
Something to consider, many have failed with ample good intentions. Intentions without actions are seldom fruitful. Compiling intentions into plans of action, sharing them within your House, breaking them down into accomplishable goals, and allocating them to capable hands can move a vision into a reality.
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