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Please be sure that your references are aware that they ARE your references. All on your list should know when someone has been given their information – it should not come as a surprise. Make a courtesy call and confirm that you have their consent.

Requirements: Make sure you’ve had enough interaction for them to vet you appropriately. Also, you need to ask specifically what that reference is for.

Note: House references are NOT your personal references. The keeper of your House references, in our case – girl Rae, should have both.

If someone needs to vet the House, as a House member, please let the person know if there is a different person to contact. In our case, LT reaches out to House references proactively.

Nikki is in charge of Tour of Trei. That is also where our mentoring & teaching process is managed. Appropriate questions pertain to the House as an entity, its mission – goals – service footprint – social & personal structure…the good, bad & ugly. Include positive and negative references. Get consent from references; if someone declines consent, disclose that as well. Be transparent.

House members as personal players must reach out to their references. Appropriate questions pertain to members as individuals, their role(s), reputation, service or teaching footprint…the good, bad & ugly. Be transparent.

The purpose is to give the person or entity seeking a reference informed consent so that they can: 1. Be personally responsible for their decision to interact, and 2. Decide at what level to engage, if at all.

Conversely, the House does the same. Then, we strategically set the sphere of influence in which we interact with that individual or entity. However, that is another blog for a later date.

This is only our House experience & practice. We encourage others to create their own, and/or to freely take all or parts of O/ours.

Have a great day.