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While the tenants of Leather as a culture won’t likely change very much in our lifetime, the faces that represent it surely will. With the advent of the information super highway called the Internet, and the social media vehicles used to instantaneously share information to millions of people across the globe, you can bet your last dollar that Leather will continue to reach people and places it hasn’t in recent history. Just as time changes all things, Leather will also change while remaining the same; all at the same time. The Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC) will embrace this change and work to ensure that in the People of Color (POC) community these tenants are passed on to those that follow just as it has been passed on to us from our elders.

As a collective of families headed by POCs, it is our mission to serve as an example of unity and purpose among current and aspiring Leather Houses of Color, and to provide educational, professional, and social opportunities for those choosing to follow such lifestyles.  LHOCC plans on accomplishing this mission by creating a place where heads of Households across the globe can join together as a coalition to reach back and bring along the next generation. Together, we will galvanize each other in a show of unity, accountability, and purpose.

As helping others is a labor of love for LHOCC, we will do our level best to find success in every family we assist. To achieve this goal, LHOCC has developed a number of programs designed to strengthen each family from the inside out. As such, we focus on the foundation of each house (its individual members) as we believe the strength of every house begins with a solid base. From a complete diagnostics of the family unit, to mentorship by committee, members and fellows only conference calls, to creating scholarship opportunities for attending conferences, and even offering a LHOCC-owned online safe place to discuss topics specific to the POC community, LHOCC and its members will strive for nothing less than success in the name of preserving and advancing our Leather culture. All of this can be realized but it starts with you.

Your hard work and dedication to living your authentic truths are the basic tenants of Leather. Collectively in these truths, we a stronger as a unit than if we were to stand alone. LHOCC looks forward to working diligently with those that partner with us in our mission. Having a coalition of potentially scores of families around the globe, all sharing the same mission and vision, is the ultimate goal and one we will accomplish; brick by brick and house by house.

For more information or to inquire about any of our programs listed on the website ( ), please send an email to We thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to working with and FOR you.

In Leather,
The Founders