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The Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC – pronounced “Lock”) was founded by four Leather families as an entity to assist others with like-minded aspirations to create or enhance their existing Leather households. With over 50 years of combined experience in BDSM and the ways of Leather, LHOCC provides valuable resources directly from publicly active Masters, Dominants, slaves, submissives and servants to those seeking assistance. 

Our Mission
To serve the Leather community as an example of unity and purpose among current and aspiring Leather Houses of Color, and to provide educational, professional, and social opportunities for those choosing to follow such lifestyles.

About Our Staff
LHOCC’s founding families consist of The House of Blue, La Maison deRou, The House of Trei and the House of Nia. These families embody the vast arrangement of Leather families in that they consist of both female and male Heads of Household, male and female Alpha slaves and servants, as well as a mix of sexual orientations. A more in-depth look into each Household is below.